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A Lyrical Love-Child

You’ve said you began writing music at the age of ten. What do you think spurred your musical interest at such a young age? I was even younger than 10! I think living in Japan was a huge inspiration for me because it was where I first experienced karaoke bars! My dad would sing Frank Sinatra and I saw this light in his eyes. I was immediately hooked and began obsessing over everything music-related.

Who were some of your major musical influences growing up?
Etta James, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, and Janis Joplin!

Is there one artist or song which has stayed with you throughout your musical journey? “Piece of my Heart” by Janis Joplin always serves as a reminder to tell the full truth and to never hold back when performing.

You have toured with Coldplay amongst others. What was that experience like and are there any words of wisdom that you learned from them as an artist? It was so surreal. I only had two songs out and I had to write songs to fill my set time! The best advice was from Chris Martin which was you never know if it’s someone’s first show in the crowd or their last so give your all every single time.

How would you particularly describe your musical style?
I would say it’s honest, raw and full of gospel vocals.

Where do you go to find inspiration when writing? I think looking internally and having a moment with myself has been deeply helpful and sometimes scary. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the questions you are asking others are simply the questions you need to ask yourself and the answers are within you.

Can you give us some secrets about your upcoming album? Oooh, secrets! The final song on the album is a demo, one take and painful for me to listen to. It’s called “I TRIED (DEMO)”.

If there were one piece of advice you would want to give to an aspiring musician, what would that be? Keep going, keep writing and know your worth. Have standards no matter what stage you are in – you always deserve respect.

The name Bishop Briggs is homage to your family hometown in Scotland? Why was this important to you? It felt important because it is really grounding to be able to introduce myself anywhere in the world and be reminded of home.

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