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The first Spring/Summer 2020 collection from EGONlab. draws its inspiration from all the revolutionary references in our history that have had a positive impact on modern society. It echoes the current geopolitical, economic and ecological context in which we live. EGONlab wishes to appeal to the new generations: “Learn about the history of our history and build the world of tomorrow together”. The L’APPEL collection reinterprets the punk wardrobe, drawing on the aesthetics and strong imagery of the movement while diverting their ideology “NO FUTURE” by transforming it into “OUR FUTURE”.

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The iconic prints of this season showcasing the very concept of resistance are the toile de Jouy and the zebra pattern. The Toile de Jouy is a long-time prohibited knowledge that survives through smuggling networks that are considered a form of resistance. The zebra pattern is formed by an accumulation of graffiti which is contentious street art, often repressed and counter-attacked.

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”We draw inspiration from the world around us, from artists such as Egon Schiele, Francis Bacon, David Bowie. We want to convey a strong and sincere message. We design collections in our image and likeness, always influenced by the historical period that surrounds us. We don’t chase trends, we don’t care — and for this reason, we often find ourselves swimming against the current. But isn’t this the most important thing? We want to take the risk of being different in a world subject to standardization. We want to awaken the rebellious spirit that sleeps in us.”

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The collection of this season will be the uniform of the uprising of our generation which, today, has the duty to build the world of tomorrow. Colorful, but with punk DNA, the wardrobe that this brand offers is mainly male, however adapting to all bodies and ages. Their goal is to create unique pieces, timeless in shape and design, which are remembered for the tailoring component, ultimately aiming to offer alternative definitions of masculinity in contemporary society.

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