Captured By Benjo Arwas

Many people hear the words “social isolation” and make a lot of assumptions about what it feels like, so let’s keep this case study going with a series of webcam photoshoots

Glare: Who is Jordun Love in 5 words?
Someone living on valued energy …

Glare: What’s the first thing you do in the morning? 
Jordun: I would be lying if I didn’t say the first thing I did in the morning was check my phone. But directly afterward, I meditate for about 10-30 mins !!!

Glare: If our industry didn’t exist, what would you do for a living?
Jordun:: If our industry didn’t exist I would be a psychologist. I’ve always been interested in helping children with their mental health. 

Glare: On your love for dance and the arts. How did it all begin?
Jordun: Dancing began for me at the age of 9 years old. It became my first love and passion for the arts. Performing gives me so much happiness & joy!

Glare: When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?
Jordun: I feel the most adrenaline when I am in the act of doing something new or for the first time. Doing the photoshoot via Zoom made me a bit anxious since it was different, but it was easier than I thought…

Glare: How do you see yourself progress in the modeling field?
Jordun: As a model, I have many goals that’ll expand my title beyond just modeling. My ultimate goal is to become a business Mogul that will be able to provide inspiration & opportunities for many others. 

Glare: You’ve just learned they’re making a movie about your life, and you control the casting.
Who should play you?
Jordun: If I could cast anyone to play me in a movie, it would definitely have to be Jharrel Jerome.

Glare: What fashion trend should we bring back?
Jordun: One fashion trend we should bring back is oversized tracksuits from the 2000s. Honestly speaking, I wear oversized sweats almost every day now and would like to rock a sweatsuit.

Glare: What is one change you’ve experienced in the last 02 years?
Jordun: The biggest change I have experienced within the last 2 years is the growth of self-assurance and becoming more solid in my beliefs of self. 

Glare: If you could tell your former self one thing what would it be?
Jordun: I would tell my former self to keep going, things get better. ..


Jordun is represented by Storm Model Management
Creative Director: Andre’ Adkins
Captured by Benjo Arwas @ Seen Artists

via video cam series