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It’s a wet and chilly Sunday morning, and as one bops away to the percussion sounds of rain drip-dropping their way down onto the window panes, the radio turns on to the smooth and breezy sounds of a sultry yet optimistic female voice reminiscent of someone on an ardent pilgrimage of evolution, growing and searching for all the meanings of exploration, freedom, and independence. Instantly catching and magnetic, that refreshing voice belongs to the 22- year-old singer/songwriter Raiche.

Among this year’s new crop of sultry R&B/Soul crooners who certainly deserve a place on the airwaves, in our musical catalogs, and definitely on replay in our earphones, Raiche – multi-talented beauty from Pittsfield, Massachusetts – started her musical journey as a child in church; ultimately gaining minor acclaim in her hometown whilst also singing for clients at her families spa. She eventually made the move to neighboring Boston, immediately entering the club circuit performing at various venues around Beantown. The Berkshire native eventually signed with Island Prolific/Atlantic Records and has since been steadily making a name for herself thanks to her sensual voice and gifted freckled genes.

Still, on the way to becoming a household name, you may not know her face, but you almost certainly have heard her music. Take a very short trip back through your mind, and you will remember one of this last summer’s bopping hits, Money Pies, a breakthrough single which was accompanied by an equally nonchalant and breezy music video showing a gorgeous, curly locked young lady on the verge of embracing and commanding her free-spiritedness and independence by doing it for herself and on her terms. Still racking your brain? Then go back only a few months, and you will surely recall the vocalist’s debut EP Drive, released in March and subsequently receiving favorable notices from the press and listeners.

Taking a break from new music she’s been working on, the singer spoke to Glare about her journey as a woman still evolving in all she does, especially as an inquisitive and fervent musician:

You grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts? Yes I grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts went to school in Lenox K-8th a private Christian school. Then graduated Lenox memorial high 9th-12th.

Who were some of your musical influences growing up? Some of my music influences growing up were Adele, Lana Del Rey, The Pussy Cat Dolls to Nina Simone, Bon Iver, Rihanna and a bunch of others.

You have said that you discovered your particular vocal style while playing around in church. How would you classify that sound now, and if you were to compare it to any singer – who would that be? I discovered that I could control my voice when I was younger. I played with it and tried new things. To this day I am constantly pushing my boundaries with my voice and trying new things. I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon. My voice is my instrument and I want to learn all that I can with it. If I had to compare it to someone else’s voice …. I think I sound like Raiche.

Was there ever a turning point in your life that made you realize that music was the absolute path for you? If so, please explain… I honestly always knew music is what I would be doing. The definite turning point in my life that made me realize that music was ABSOLUTELY the path was when people wanted to invest in me. I knew I was good, but to have others tell me that and put their time into me, open up their homes and invest in me was as real as it gets.

When did you move to Boston from Pittsfield, and how did you find the societal shift as a musician? I moved to Boston from Pittsfield in 2016 and it was exciting. I went from working 2 jobs to being in the studio and recording and creating. It was a transition to
get used to for sure. It felt unreal honestly.

As an R&B/soul artist, are there other styles or genres of music that
you are also greatly influenced by? I’m influenced by other genres of music. I love pop music like DuaLipa, Ed Sheeran, and Bazzi. I also love some rock specifically Greta Van Fleet, Jimmy Hendrix and of course Amy Winehouse.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with one musical artist, who would that be and why? It would have to be somebody cute. And there’s not much to do on a deserted island I think we could all use our imagination.

Your first single “Money Pies”, was a breakout hit and an anthem about chasing “that paper” as an independent woman. As a message for other young girls, what one thing would you like to convey about the importance of independence and having the freedom to be yourself and “doing you” without fear or regret. Well you can either “do you” and take a risk or follow someone else who’s following their heart. I’d rather do my own thing and reap the benefits. If you think about it you’d get second picks if you’re behind someone. I’m tryna get first dibs, first picks on whatever it may be. You know!

Where do you go to find peace in an otherwise busy working schedule? I go to my home in the mountains. it’s the best. I love where I live. It’s the most peaceful!

Your current single “Drive” has been on just about everyone’s playlist. What message do you want listeners to get from the song?
I want listeners to have the courage and strength to push through any adversity that comes their way. That’s what DRIVE is all about.

What is on your musical playlist? My musical playlist right now is currently Rosalia, Joy Crookes, Beyoncé, Mahalia, and Ari Lenox. The list goes on.

Are you working on any new music and what can we expect to find with upcoming projects? I’ve been recording new music! I’m so excited to share. In this next project, you can expect an elevated version of Raiche. I keep growing & surprising myself. I know everyone’s going to love it.

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