The utopian ideal of "Heaven on Earth" inspires this season's collection, drawing connections between the two worlds through the use of clouds and distorted camera trickery to create a surrealist aesthetic. Further alluding to the freedom of youth

Milan Fashion Week
Fall-Winter 20/21

Fashion Week Fall : Winter 2020-2021

Dries Van Noten

Noten’s man certainly loves his layers and adornments — a languid drape of wild animal faux fur, a sparkly belt or rhinestone trim, patterned velvet, flowers, and checks. He also loves great, clanging clashes of color.

Fashion Week Fall : Winter 2020-20212


The men’s variables included a few
Mod-inflected ensembles, sweaters that unzipped up the torso, and total looks in pink
that corresponded to the romantic spirit of the season. The usual toggling of utility and fluidity.

Fashion Week Fall : Winter 2020-20213

Craig Green

Green is always out finding his way through the psychological hinterlands of this male territory. He maps it in quilting and embroidery, in signs and symbols which have become specific to him, such as the shoelace tapes dangling.

A hymn to Antwerp, a city that blends French and Belgian styles, the new Les Hommes SS20 collection winds between sportswear, new tailoring, and the deafening rave aesthetic. This season Les Hommes is about a very personal and emotional collection

Milan Fashion Week
Fall-Winter 20/21

Fashion Week Fall : Winter 2020-20215


When Ross spoke of a “a professional man moving into a working environment” and “classic menswear styles” it was in a third-person manner that seemed also first-person: a declaration of intent to leap forward.

Fashion Week Fall : Winter 2020-20216


The spectators' seats were filled with balloons, and the show started with Fanfare. The men's look, which is a reinterpretation of the classic, and at the end, a unisex capsule collection was announced in collaboration.

Fashion Week Fall : Winter 2020-20217


Past, present, couture. For the Dior men’s Winter collection, Artistic Director Kim Jones draws on the Dior archives and iconography to celebrate the House’s timeless elegance. A journey to the heart of haute couture.

These unisex sunglasses are retrofuturistic in their design and come in a range of fitting colors include black, tortoise, and “Racing Red.” The frame is squared with rounded edges, housing the large, “Dark Smoke”-tinted and 100 percent UV protected ovular lenses inside, while the arms are equally chunky and angular in approach.